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All four convicts to be hanged on March 20!

All four convicts to be hanged on March 20!

Nirbhaya case latest news: A Delhi court has fixed March 20 as the new date of execution for the four convicts in the Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case.

All four convicts will be hanged at 5.30 am on March 20. The additional session judge, Dharmendra Rana issued fresh death warrants for all four convicts on March 5, 2020 after the court was informed that they have exhausted all their legal remedies.

The lawyer who was representing the four convicts also told the court that there was no longer any legal obstruction before the court and it could proceed in fixing the date of hanging.

Nirbhaya convicts hanging date: March 20

Nirbhaya convicts hanging time: 5.30 am

Nirbhaya Case Convicts

1. Mukesh Kumar Singh (32 years)

2. Pawan (25 years)

3. Vinay Sharma (26 years)

4. Akshay Kumar Singh (31 years)

Nirbhaya convicts’ hanging deferred thrice previously

The execution of the four nirbhaya case convicts got delayed three times previously, as they were using all the legal remedies available to be freed from the sentence. The first execution date was set for January 22 but it was postponed to February 1.

On January 31, the court postponed the hanging for an indefinite period. Then, on February 17, the court set the third execution date for March 3 at 6 am. However, the court postponed the hanging again after one of the convicts-Pawan Gupta filed a mercy petition before President Ram Nath Kovind. The President rejected his petition on March 4, paving the way for hanging of all four convicts.

This was the last mercy petition, as the President had previously rejected the mercy petitions filed by the other three convicts. All four convicts will be hanged together.


The death sentence was awarded to the four convicts by a Delhi court on September 13, 2013, less than a year after they along with two others including a juvenile had gang-raped and savagely assaulted a young girl in moving bus, who was later referred to as ‘Nirbhaya’, which means fearless.  The tragic incident occurred on the night of December 16, 2012. The victim passed away due to her grave injuries almost a fortnight later.

In total, six people were named as accused in the nirbhaya case, among whom one was a juvenile. The juvenile accused was kept in a correctional home for three years and was released in 2015. Another accused Ram Singh reportedly committed suicide in Tihar jail a few days after the trial began in the court.

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