General Science Questions Answers in Hindi

Hello friends! To make the preparation of your upcoming COMPETITIVE EXAMS better, we have brought General Science Questions Answers. You will get this GS Questions Answers in Hindi language.

General Science Most Important One Liner Questions and Answers

Friends this latest General Science GK questions answers for your upcoming UPSC, SSC, BANK EXAM, TAT / CTET, State PCS, Railway EXAM, Police Exam, Defense Exams, Civil Services Examination JC will be very useful for preparing every type of COMPETITIVE EXAM. Read it carefully.

General Science GK Questions Answers in Hindi

  1. Who discovered vitamins? N. Ilunin
  2. Which scientist first used the word vitamin – Funk
  3. Which are the water soluble vitamins – Vitamin B and C
  4. Which planet in the solar system is similar to the Earth in mass size and density – Venus
  5. In which carbon dating is used – In determining the age of fossils
  6. What is the image formed in the retina of the eye – Real and vice versa
  7. What is the unit for measuring the intensity of sound – Is decibel
  8. Which part of the body is affected by jaundice – Liver
  9. What is the ph of pure water – 7
  10. Which gas is used in cooking fruits – Ethylene gas
  11. Which gland grows due to goitre disease – From the thyroid gland
  12. What is the nature of human saliva – Alkaline
  13. What is the test related to the investigation of AIDS disease – ELISA test
  14. Which vitamin deficiency causes blood to flow continuously in the human body due to injury – Vitamin K
  15. Insulin is the main drug of which disease – Diabetes
  16. If there were no life on Earth, what would be the amount of oxygen – Unchanged
  17. To which organ is the disease called meningitis related? Brain
  18. While traveling in space, the passenger sitting in the vehicle will see the color of the sky – Black
  19. The person of which blood group can accept the blood of any group – AB
  20. When a ship enters the sea from a river, its bottom- Gets up
  21. Colorful sunglasses contain – Ferrous oxide
  22. Why does the sound of an electric bulb break? The air in the bulb spaces goes faster
  23. What metal is the internal antenna of the transistor – Ferrochrome
  24. Dry ice is additive – Of solid carbon dioxide
  25. Why red color is made a threat – Refractive index is used due to higher wavelength.
  26. Light intensity measuring unit – Candela
  27. Why water kept in an earthen pot cools quickly – The water out of the pot’s fine holes creates steam
  28. Determined the laws of motion of the planets – John keppler
  29. The surface of the atmosphere through which radio waves are reflected and comes to Earth – Ionosphere
  30. Computer chips are made – Of silicon
  31. Who was the father of mutation theory – Hugo Breeze
  32. Why can’t a petrol car run on the moon? No atmosphere
  33. The source of energy in the sun and stars is – Nuclear fusion
  34. Far-sight lens convex lens
  35. DNA, RNA are – organic acids
  36. Quasiorker disease in children is caused by lack of – Protein
  37. If the wandering ballet dancer extends his hand, his speed – Will be slow
  38. In a sudden falling lift, the weight of the person becomes – Zero
  39. What is the migration velocity on Earth – 11.2 KM / sec
  40. What causes a mosquito to sit in water – Due to back strain
  41. What makes a diamond shine – Due to full internal reflection
  42. What is the unit of pressure – Pascal
  43. What color will look when you see red rose in green light – Black
  44. What is the reason for the red color of the sun in the morning and evening – Scattering of light
  45. Which acid is used to make curd from milk – Lactobacillus
  46. What is a producer gas called – To CO + N2
  47. Which gas is included in LPG gas – Views and propane
  48. What do LPG add to odor in gas – Methyl mercaptane
  49. Who discovered DDT – Paul muller
  50. Quinine is obtained from the bark of which plant – Cinchona
  51. Is found in tobacco – Nicotine
  52. Longest cell – Nerve cell
  53. Synthesis of protein is – In the ribosome
  54. What is a cell suicide bag called – To lysosomes
  55. What is the formula of Plaster of Paris – 2CaSo4.2H2O
  56. Who discovered neutrons – Chadwick
  57. Who discovered protein? Goldstein
  58. Who discovered radio active substances – By henry bacural
  59. To make Amalgam it is necessary – Mercury
  60. Which is called laughing gas – nitrous oxide
  61. Iron load on rust- Goes up
  62. On which principle does the deer maricha work? Full internal reflection
  63. At what temperature in the Fahrenheit scale and centigrade scale do the syllabus – 40 degrees

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