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US-Africa Command canceled annual military exercise

US-Africa Command canceled annual military exercise

African Lion Military Exercise In News: This military exercise has become the latest victim of Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) as it has been cancelled for this year. As per the directives of US-Africa Command (AFRICOM), the international body has decided to cancel the exercise because of international travel restrictions related to the Coronavirus.

AFRICOM said that it doesn’t want to maximize the risk of Coronavirus therefore it has been cancelled for this year. This decision will also minimize the risk of exposure to deadly COVID-19. Earlier, African Lion was scheduled to take place from March 23 to April 04 in Morocco, Senegal, and Tunisia. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than 1,50,000 cases of Coronavirus around the world, and more than 5,000 deaths have been registered.

US-Africa Command canceled annual military exercise 1

About African Lion

It is the largest military exercise done by US Army Africa. It was earlier scheduled to start on March 23 with 3,800 US troops from Marine Corps, US Amry, Air Force, and US Navy. The African Lion also had a plan to include 5,000 troops from Morocco.

African Lion is an annual military exercise that has been designed to improve mutual understanding, technologies, and transfer of knowledge. It is a multinational exercise that helps all the partner countries to learn from each other.


This military exercise enhances transparency and understanding. Experts believe that such exercises are really helpful to bring regional stability, counter-terrorist attacks, conduct peace operations, maintain cross-border security and counter other threats. It provides an opportunity for all participating units to increase readiness for any kind of situation.

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